Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mostly boxes

First one is a box made from plastic … box (you can get one with e.g. caraway-seeds) painted with nail polish and covered with beads, brocade and small crystals.

Second one – bigger - is made from wood, wood adhesive, satin fabric, some beads and the shells covered with transparent nail polish. Smaller one is made like the first one.

All of my pictures are simply bad. In the future I will do something with this. For now I suffer for a lack of light/sun.

This is the worst. This are my projects of a dolls. For now they are made from wire and air-drying ceramic modeling clay, color: terracotta. If I find a time before my exams, I’ll make them clothes and some hair.

Here is the photo of my sweet cat. All cats looks sweet when they are sleeping but it is not the same, to see the picture and them in reality.

In the end…
Cracow (Wawel – the castle hill) by winter.

If someone will stop here and find mistakes, and it will be irritating for her/him please let me know.

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