Thursday, December 31, 2009

"...and little shiny things"

The Winter is back. It’s cold but quite beautiful.

These are my old projects, I would like to share, inspired by the:

1. similar jewelry stands,

2. wooden boxes and my mom’s crochet,

3. tv commercial (cmons love corsa) and the doll which appears in movie (I don’t remember the title, sth. with shooting).

1 is made from: some kind of thermosetting plasticine, wire, emulsion paint, wood adhesive, embroidered lace and fringe from haberdashery.
2 is made from: oak timber, wood adhesive, some kind of thread and fabric, white paint in spray.
3 is made from: different kinds of fabrics and beads, cotton wool (inside).


moon shine,

with glass ball from vodka:),

with Jasper scarabs,

with shells,

like coffee beans,

with copper butterflies.

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