Monday, May 25, 2015

Bracelets with coins and a silver ring (the beginnings of learning ...)

... of learning how to be a proffesional jewlery maker.

So I started to learn some proffesional course. It was too short and I don't know if I'll be able to continue it in a future. But it was real fun, to cut silver, to solder, to saw and in the edn to create something that looked like a ring.

It was two weeks ago. Today I tried to bring back my forgotten idea - to do bracelets with old coins. The final result is not so fine as it looked in my mind.
 I've used old coins (~1923 Polish & ~1950 Belgian) found on the flea market, glass & ceramic beads, florists wire. The glass beads are too big, they should be more flat.
I don't know what os legal where, in my country I can't destroy the emblem of my State (The eagle), so I drilled small holes in this coins gently. It is my kind of art.


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Inka said...

mam w domu kilka starych monet z czasów
podróży mych Rodziców do innych krajów -
zawsze korciło mnie coś z nimi zrobić - dzięki
za inspirację!