Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ceramic keychains & a bracelet for a friend

So I make up the backlog :)

Keychains made ​​of porcelain pellets (bone china) with fired ceramic decals, all fitted in nickel rings.
*production technology is restricted, but will share the inspiration for this: *
Letters come from cuttings of existing ceramic decal, their backgrounds and the so-called crop marks, CMYK colours.

I'm still lerning this ceramic issues, so I'll try to show some of my other works another time.

Friendship bracelets made for my friend, from stranded cotton, wooden beads, with an extra fancy braid:
There are quite easy to make ... not much patience is required :D

& something pretty:

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Inka said...

chciałabym kiedyś móc podejrzeć
warsztat uskuteczniania takich
breloków - nie wiem, jak powstają :)