Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fairies wings

Busy weeks at the University, busy weekend at home. I have made some pairs of wings for fairies for our play - William Shakespeare: Midsummer Night Dream.

They are made from cellophane, tulle, half-steel wire and acrylic paint. They are glued with hot glue and sewn to wire. Plain cellophane in the beginning was ironed to get it's special facture.

We had a flood here in Poland, in Cracow. Now we're looking in the sky, hope it won't rain too much again, because it was dangerous.
10 April 2010:

19 May 2010:

10 April 2010:

19 May 2010:


nina said...

ohhhh i love your wings!!! will you get to keep them, or will they be donated to the university? xx

Las Creaciones de Boricua said...

Wow!! pretty wings!!!!!!!!!

Lady Ren said...

wow- those flood waters sure did rise.
Lovely blog and nice to meet you.
Kracow is one of my most favorite cities in the world.
I am Polish and grew up in Toronto-so I speak it fluently.
I married an American and we live on the west coast-
I look forward to catching up on your blog and returning to see your new posts-

ruthie said...

such beautiful wings you have made and perfect for a midsummer nights dream.

Inka said...

i pomyśleć, że tyle lat nie znałam Snu Nocy letniej...